An Award Winning Rosé

A more natural elaboration is not possible. Nor more honest. The grapes are harvested at night and the grapes are gravity-bleeded to produce a powerful and colourful must that is fermented cold. The result is a very aromatic and smooth rosé. A simple look at the traditional production of a wine that has emerged in Navarre to travel the world.



Night harvesting and natural gravity bleeding.


Serve between 10 and 12º.


We pick the grapes at night so that they arrive cold and we make them using the traditional bleeding method, so classic in Navarre. We obtain a small quantity of a powerful and colourful must that we call “lágrima”. Once cold fermented, we obtain a very aromatic, fruity and smooth rosé, with an almost sweet and very tasty finish.


The history of our winery began in 1956, when a group of small winegrowers in the Lerín area, convinced of the potential of their vineyards, decided to join forces and create a project whose main objective was to produce quality wines. Sharing vineyards and using techniques handed down from father to son, they founded Bodegas Alconde, in a privileged area of Navarra.


The vineyards of Bodegas Alconde are over 50 years old and sometimes reach a century of existence. The climate of the whole region is very suitable for grape ripening, with cold temperatures in winter and warm in summer. The soils are very poor, chalky with an abundance of boulders and very low yields. We make smooth, balanced and very elegant wines.