• The Lerín winery launches Vegan Certification with its new Garnacha Blanca and Garnacha Tinta single varietals.

  • Sardasol Serie Monovarietal seeks to recover traditional varieties such as Garnacha Blanca, which had practically disappeared in Navarra.

  • Bodegas Alconde eliminates all animal traces from its wines and obtains the V-Label Certificate from the European Vegetarian Union.

Bodegas Alconde (Lerín, Navarra) presents its new MONOVARIETAL SERIESconsisting of two wines made entirely from the Garnacha Blanca and Garnacha Tinta varieties. With this new series, from the Sardasol range, Bodegas Alconde also debuts the Vegan Wine Certification granted by the European Vegetarian Union, by eliminating all animal traces from its wines.

Sarsadol Serie Monovarietal of Bodegas Alconde seeks a return to the origin, a look at the most traditional history of Navarra wines. For this reason, indigenous varieties that have traditionally been used in wines as a complement in small proportions, now take on a leading role to show their true character and personality in isolation.

The grapes come from old vineyards that occupy hard, infertile soils, whose vines during their long life have been impregnated with the true aromas and flavours of the terroir. They have also been able to adapt to the specific climatic conditions of the Lerín region and their production is very low and irregular.


The Monovarietal Garnacha Blanca, recovers a variety that practically disappeared in Navarra and that Bodegas Alconde has been rescuing little by little due to its historical relationship with the region and its good adaptation to the poor and stony soils.

It is made in the winery’s original concrete tanks with a brief ageing period on the lees. The result is a very fresh and natural wine, with yellow tones and green reflections, with aromas of white fruits, citrus and flowers. Its flavour is unctuous and very enveloping, with a fairly persistent finish on the palate.

‘Sarsadol Serie Monovarietal by Bodegas Alconde seeks a return to the origins, a look at the most traditional history of Navarra wines’.


Garnacha Tinta, on the other hand, is a very traditional variety in Navarra. With this single varietal Bodegas Alconde claims a return to the origins in the way of understanding both the elaboration and the classic varieties of this area.

In this single varietal wine from Bodegas Alconde, the fruity character and the freshness of the variety stand out against other nuances, to provide a pleasant drink, full of flavour and elegance. It is a very easy to drink wine, with character and very much linked to the Lerín region.


The Monovarietal Seriesserves Bodegas Alconde to debut its recent Vegan Certification granted by the European Vegetarian Union V-Label by eliminating any animal traces in all its wines. Traditionally, in the world of wine, different components of animal origin have been used for the fining process, such as egg albumin, casein or gelatins of animal origin.

At Bodegas Alconde these elements have been replaced by a protein extracted from peas, which makes its wines suitable for vegan consumers and continues the winery’s firm commitment to clean, rational and sustainable viticulture.