• Bodegas Alconde is committed to Regenerative Viticulture, to fight against climate change through the recovery of agricultural land.

  • 42 hectares of vineyards in Lerín (Navarra) are participating in a pioneering European Union programme for which only 5 Spanish wineries have been selected.

  • Regenerative Viticulture aims to restore the vineyard’s biodiversity and fertility through exclusively natural methods.

“Regenerative agriculture is based on working in favour of natural processes. Instead of going against nature, it tries to harness and enhance its mechanisms to produce healthier and higher quality products by eliminating the use of chemicals altogether, while helping to reverse desertification and climate change.”

Marcos Gorricho, manager of Bodegas Alconde, in Lerín (Navarra), explains the transition initiated by the winery towards regenerative viticulture. This innovative approach to winemaking has reached the Navarra Designation of Origin through a pioneering project sponsored by the European Union through the EIT Food organization, in which only five wineries in Spain have been selected.

In the words of Marcos Gorricho “It is basically about regenerating the soil by restoring it to the state it was in before the advent of intensive agriculture. Soil is the main carbon reservoir and if we are able to maintain its biodiversity, its micro-organisms and its organic matter, we will contribute to recovering its fertility and improving the quality of food”.

Regenerative Viticulture is a further step towards the goal of making our agrosystem as much like a forest as possible.


The first phase of the project lasts three years, in which Bodegas Alconde must demonstrate to the evaluating body a series of continuous improvements year after year. In order to be clear about the starting point and to monitor the results of the plan, the first soil measurements have been carried out.

“We have already started the process with the planting of ground cover with different species adapted to the conditions of our soils. This will prepare the soil to encourage the reintroduction of native flora and fauna. Subsequently, more elements of wild flora and fauna will be integrated so that our vineyards recover their natural biodiversity. It is a further step towards the goal of making our agrosystem as much like a forest as possible”. The plan initially covers 42 hectares of vineyards belonging to Bodegas Alconde, in the districts of La Sarda and Baigorri, in Lerín.

In addition to being a pioneer in implementing this innovative system in Navarra, Bodegas Alconde has recently joined the Regenerative Viticulture Association promoted by the Torres Family.


The use of plant cover adapted to the conditions of our soils makes it possible to reduce or even eradicate tillage and improve soil fertility.