“Me han regalado una botella y no soy amante de los vinos de aguja y me ha parecido muy rico. Un toque a frutos rojos delicioso“.

“Me han regalado una botella y…“Vivino

“Reflective salmon pink, lightly frizzante, strawberry, light raspberry, light & fun, light alcohol”.

“Reflective salmon pink, lightly frizzante”Vivino

Um espanhol que me agradou muito e a maioria dos presentes no jantar. Vinho evoluído, estruturado e intenso. Corpo médio +, ótima acidez e persistencia.

“Um espanhol que me agradou muito”Vivino

Good and well balanced wine: smoth and fruity taste with long and lovely aftertaste. In 2017, on it’s 10 anniversary still young and full of strength.

“Good and well balanced wine”Vivino
“Really tasty wine from Spain”Vivino
“Nice, particularly for the price!”Vivino

“Smooth and bold red wine. Not dissimilar to a South African Cabernet”.

“Smooth and bold red wine”Vivino

“A good French style blend. Good body, ripe forest fruit fine balance, agreeable finish”.

“A good French style blend”Vivino

“Full bodied, round with soft taninas, Forest and dark berries with a bit of spice”.

“Full bodied, round with soft taninas”Vivino
“Un vino magnifico”Uvinum