Sardasol Joven

Our most lively red wine

Tinto 2016


Several grapes


ALCOHOL 13,5% Vol.


D.O. Navarra


With intense flavor of black fruit and red like cherries. It is tasty but light, which makes it a round wine, enveloping, easy to drink and with few tannins, rich in nuances.


A good light snack while you cook. With informal dishes rich in flavors, grilled meats or lasagna.

SERVE AT 12-14º

What they say about us

“Deep red with a slight brown tint”

“Deep red with a slight brown tint. Strong on the nose, cherries, lots of spices, licorice and sweet beetroot. Medium body, almost light, very round, light on the acidity, very fruity. Medium legs, gentle tannins that linger”. “Beautiful fruit, cherries and creeks. Pleasant juicy wine with a good lenght. Being a little sharp towards the…


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