The document from La Saca de Lerín (1356) describes how 250 bags of 96,000 liters of “national export” come out in just five months. Since then, we continue to be proud of that tradition that parents and winegrowing children have passed on to us as an ancestral pruning and vineyard techniques that make us good soil scent seekers, suitable varietals and harvesting ripe grapes at their optimum point.


In the midst of the development of Spanish wine, part of these heirs were grouped into a cooperative to unite the work of their vineyards. With them, the Viña Sardasol brand was born, a range of wines that became a benchmark among Navarran wines at the time. Our parents opened the doors to Europe and united us again with that “exporting” vision that they still had in their roots.


Some of the youngest vine growers came back to believe in this project of centuries that continues to bind us to the land of the village of Lerín. We left our professions in the city to put on the dress of vineyards that, in short, was still ours, a way to perpetuate the trade of grandparents and a vivid memory of our childhood impregnated with the smell of cellar, land and sun of the Sarda. . Of those hundred vintners of the best years, we were only 40. With these foundations, Bodegas Alconde was born. We had the same vineyard, family secrets, the same “exporting” vocation but a new, more current way of understanding wines.


Many young people have left Lerín, but we have stayed to maintain the 510 hectares of vineyards. We have been buying a large part of them to perpetuate their subsistence. We have opted for a new design of the Sardasol range in the bottles, but only on the outside. Inside the bottles we keep making the wines that we like, soft and balanced for the most casual palates. Today we sell more than 1,500,000 bottles of the Sardasol range. We are soul winemakers, for this reason we also make more special and innovative wines on our route, but under the Equis range.